Saved from neglect and ultimately being thrown away, this 1990 Miyata 1000LT recently came to be mine.
As you can see from the photo below, all of the rubber (seat, tires, grips, etc.) became rotted a long time ago, the bike is covered in dirt and dust and full of spiders. This bicycle sat unused for a long time before being thrown away.

As it came to me

After a dozen hours of wrenching and some cleaning and lubing it started to look like a real bike again – this picture is from a test-ride where I was deciding if I like it enough to keep. I do enjoy it and have already put over 50km on it.
Most of the parts are the stock Shimano Deore DX grouping. I immediately replaced the brake levers with Tektro’s because I seriously dislike any cabling loops over the top of the bars, and I really like the look and feel of these levers – I have the same on my 1980 Sekine CM-40.

After some TLC

So, I liked the bike enough to start fixing it up as my own ride. Here it is about a week after the above photo. A lot more cleaning, polishing, and lubing have been performed. I replaced the rack with one that has side supports for panniers, it’s a modified Filzer rack that I swapped the arms from a similar rack that fit better on this bike.
There’s a new 7-speed cassette on there, and I replaced the stock pedals with ones I had spare that fit my feet better.
I also put appropriately sized fenders on – the originals where broken and/or mostly missing, and the first ones pictured actually fit on slightly bigger wheels.
Attached to the seat-tube is my portable pump that is at least as old as the bike and has provided reliable service for several decades. I really like the long chainstays the 1000LT has – there’s plenty of room for the pump behind the seat tube, after I added a bit of a spacer to the fender attachment to bring it out closer to the tire. The nearly vertical rear dropouts make it possible to do this with the fender without compromising the ability to remove the wheel.

A week later

Since that photo I have also repositioned the brakes and added a second bottle cage. We’re in the middle of a drought here in Ottawa and it’s been so hot and dry that I usually go through most of a whole bottle of water in an hour of riding.

This is a touring bike, and I have a front rack for it but no panniers small enough to attach to it – yet. My hope is to get myself back in shape for long-distance-riding and do some weekend trips to some of the outlying towns next summer.