Okay, I lied in the title, or at the very least I am stretching the truth.

A drug which causes vivid dreams, hyperactivity and a general sense of unreality might sound appealing if it didn’t come with dry mouth, excessive sweating, general insomnia, and increased flatulence. These are just some of the effects I’ve been putting up with since I started taking Zyban a few weeks ago.

But it has this amazing saving grace that keeps me taking it as prescribed: I haven’t had a cigarette in twelve days and I don’t even want one! I look at the host of side effects and disruption to my life and compare to the alternative possibilities of continued smoking up to and including death and it no longer seems so bad.

Actually, the effects have been easier on me than the usual nicotine withdrawals. It brings to mind that I maybe should not blame this humble little pill for everything I’m going through and thank it for masking a lot of agony.

So there’s the pleasure cruise – I’m not smoking and it’s not the most agonizing experience I’ve ever gone through (I have tried quitting before on numerous occasions.)

For those of you looking to break free from this insidious and strangely legal addiction – talk to your doctor and see if Zyban might be appropriate for you. I hope to touch on it (tobacco smoking) in a bit more detail in the upcoming weeks, particularly as to why I believe people will always relapse when they try to cut back or use Nicotine Replacement “Therapy” (NRT).