Okay, prepare yourselves for a rant because I’m irked. People I know here and there have said, when asked if they are voting on Monday, that they aren’t going to.

That is such a cop-out! What that says to me is that they can’t be bothered to care what happens to them or their country. They can’t be bothered to spend an hour or two out of their week to watch the news, or read a few websites. Heck, most parties are dropping flyers so the information is coming to your door!

Most ballot locations are centrally located within a few kilometers of your homes, at least here in the city. Mine is exactly 1.2km away from my front door, and since it’s an apartment building, the same distance for some of the people giving excuses.

I believe very passionately in Canada. I believe very passionately in democracy. Democracy in Canada can only work if the people get out, make their voice heard and vote! Anyone whom doesn’t vote is not registering a protest against the running candidates, they’re waiving their right to have a say in the government.

It’s important to have a say in this. Like it or not we are not individual islands, the government decides your taxes, your social programs, and your rights as a citizen in this great country. Even if you don’t vote, there will still be an elected body that controls these major aspects of your life. Don’t fool yourself.

By voting and having your say you are taking control of your destiny. As far as I’m concerned if you don’t vote, you’re also waiving all rights to criticize or comment on the current governing body.

Bottom line: If you’re eligible to vote and you’re not voting on Monday, January 23rd 2006 (or in an advance poll before that) then you’re nothing but a lazy, ignorant sheep.