Well, after watching the circus for nearly the whole run of it as it’s been broadcast daily, here’s what I have to say about the party’s campaign and my personal predictions as we go into the last few days of Canada’s 39thGeneral Election.

The Conservatives have run a very positive campaign focused on policies and pointing out when the Liberals are shooting themselves in the foot, even as they’re loading the gun. It’s been well organized, nimble and to the point. Stephen Harper managed to tone down the right-winged rhetoric and get his party to tow the line enough to apparently change public opinion. Somehow people have forgotten that he has a problem separating church and state.
I predicted a minority government for the Conservatives during the first week, and I stand by that prediction.

The Liberals have been very disorganized and seem focused only on insulting the intelligence of Canadians. Between outright lies and a penchant for bringing up non-issues they’ve done a great job of showing Canada that they really don’t give a damn about us, the people, but they’ll say whatever necessary to hold their monopoly. Paul Martin may have been personally cleared in the Gomery inquiry so far, but the party is mired in a dozen years of complacency and needs a shakeup – and it shows.
I predict the Liberals will swap with the Conservatives and become the biggest chunk of the opposition.

The NDP have run a campaign that kept getting stuck in the snow – literally. I wonder if Jack Layton ate too much turkey over the holiday campaign break? It seems to me like he’s been asleep at the wheel. Their campaign has been wishy washy, like they don’t want to offend the two main parties fighting for a mandate. Come on, Jack, get with the program! You’re a federal party, let’s pretend like you still want to be one, huh? Sure it’s nice to be a swing vote, but really now. With the positive socialist policies that the NDP have they should be doing a lot better in a (formerly?) left leaning country like ours.
I predict the NDP will stay pretty much where they are, perhaps gaining a few seats but otherwise no major inroads into parliament.

The Green Party have been largely ignored by the other parties as well as the media. After the public uproar about the Greens being excluded from the debates, the media gave them a little lip service after the break. And then stopped. When he did get some time with the media, Jim Harris used it fully and laid out the party’s platform and hopes for this election.
I predict the Green Party will finally get an MP elected.

The Bloc Quebecois. I have nothing nice to say about the Bloc. They’re not a national party since they failed in their separatist agenda while Lucien Bouchard was still running the party. No, wait, I have one nice thing to say:

I wish Gilles Duceppe was a nationalist because he has more charisma in his little finger than Paul Martin, Jack Layton and Stephen Harper have combined.

I predict Quebec will once again vote in this self-serving organization, albeit with a few less seats.

Well, that’s my predictions for the top five running parties. I’ve not forgotten about Marc Emery and the Marijuana Party, it’s just that he won’t get a seat. Neither will any other party. But, if it goes as I predict then at least question period might actually get interesting with five parties bickering. Yeesh.