I was perusing some historical data on Canadian elections, trying to determine when the New Democratic Party held the most power in our government. It seems that in the 1988 election they managed to obtain 14.6% of the total seats – 43 specifically. That year they also ran their most candidates: 295.

For a party that gave us medicare it seems kind of strange. That’s the most they’ve ever held. In 1993 the Reform Party by contrast managed to gain 17.6% of the seats for a total of 52 while running in only 207 ridings. (The NDP dropped drastically in support this year as well, dropping from 43 seats to a miniscule 9.)

It seems the NDP are content to hold the swing vote. It’s too bad, since it’s a party that has actually done some historical good in this country. I think Canada could have embraced their policies this time around, if only they’d ran a better campaign.

Sadly, the power this election like all others since confederation will go to either the tories or the grits. I supported Reform back in the day and they got swallowed by the tories. I’ll support the Greens this election in hopes of getting their voice in parliament. Too bad the only thing about this election for the history books will be it’s season.