Yes, your humble scribe is taking a holiday.

The next four days I will be taking to unpack a bit more. I’m still living surrounded by boxes from the move in late October! I’ve managed to clear out a box a week, and the end of it is so near I’m going to make a push to finish. After I’ve bought some book shelves, that is.

I’m also going to be reconfiguring my PC for better audio processing so I can make a new demo disc. The last full demo was “Wretched” was made when I was 20 and seven years have now past. As a matter of curiosity the name of the album was in fact “Wretched” which was the name of the title track. It is also a pretty good description, from my perfectionist’s viewpoint – but that’s relatively subjective since it got many more yay’s than nay’s.

If I have time, I’m working on resurrecting Euphoria Cyberware. I’ve registered the domain and placed an order for some real hosting, finally. I believe that should all be up and running by the middle of Janurary, 2006.

Also – it’s New Years this weekend and I actually have the eve and the day after off of work, so I intend to drown 2005 out with some bubbly!

Until I’m back, have a happy and safe holiday!