Ever let someone get in your head and under your skin? To the point where they can manipulate you and abuse you emotionally and they have you believe that somewhere deep inside their twisted little heart they actually love you?
I’m not the greatest at dealing with emotions. I understand that about myself now. I also understand that I was easy prey for someone else to bully and dominate into a position that was self-destructive.

  1. When you live with someone for over half a decade and can count the number of times they picked up around the place, vacuumed, washed dishes, bought groceries or paid rent on your hands… There’s something grossly wrong there.
  2. When you are cheated on and catch them and they make you feel that it is your fault that they cheated… There’s something grossly wrong there.
  3. When they can lie to you straight in the face, even when called on a lie and still try to make you doubt what you know… There’s something grossly wrong there.
  4. When they expect you to wait on them, drop what you are doing to get them something from the other room despite there being no reason they can’t get that object (and I don’t mean the odd time, I mean for everything and anything) and expect you to not have any interests other than them… There’s something grossly wrong there.
  5. When your entire family appears to heave a collective sigh of relief that you’ve broken up with them… There’s something grossly wrong there.
  6. When they are cheating and cybering and spending nights with people they’ve previously cheated on you with and throw an emotional outburst coupled with the silent treatment when you express your feelings, ask for some respect or complain about their behavior… There’s something grossly wrong there.

These are just some signs of emotional abuse. It’s hard to admit you are going through it, especially if you’re a male in our society… We aren’t supposed to feel, or be hurt and especially not allow ourselves to be manipulated through our emotions.