AdSense and Blogger Beta

More tweaks this morning have led to the inclusion of an AdSense bar just between the header and the content as was there previously.How did I do it?I left layout mode and edited the HTML, where I found the .css element for the “header-wrapper” and...

Blogger Beta

Whew! OK, I’ve got the new Blogger Beta up and running. Kind of nifty. It took a little tweaking to get my old/new design up with it’s layout engine, and I’m still without AdSense ads. 🙁

A New Face

I decided to give this blog site a face lift, to clean up the lines a little bit and make the posts easier to read.This is just a dry run, there may be more changes to come. Any comments or suggestions?

Humble Apologies

I may not have very many regular readers, but to those who are: please accept my humble apologies for the downturn in writing.Over the past few weeks I have been concentrating on job-hunting1 and a large amount of C++ programming. With the switch from Effexor to...