It seems the American attitude of suing others for their own stupidity is prevailing. Not only are there talks on the Internet of lawsuits due to a faulty controller strap, now there’s talks of repetative strain injuries (RSI) from swinging their motion sensitive controller around. Of course, rather than making their kids take an occasional break from their video game activities parents would rather sue Nintendo.

On a more pertinent suit another company, Interlink, is launching legal action because they claim the Wii controller is infringing on their patents for a remote controlled pointer device.

Pictured here to the right, is Interlink’s pointing device. These remotes are not used in a game system (operating as a PC mouse for presentations) however, other companies have successfully taken legal action against console manufacturers for similar technologies, such as the rumble feature in Sony’s Playstation controllers.

Interlink is claiming lost profits and royalties. I’m not sure that Nintendo Wii users are forgoing purchasing remote office devices because they have a game console. I would surmise that, if anything, they’re more likely to purchase Interlink’s device due to being familiar with the technology involved, but what do I know?