A little at a time, I slowly accumulate… Stuff. I think we all do, however I live in a relatively small space and all of this stuff is threatening to take over! There was really, in my mind, only one thing for it: A bottle of wine, and locking myself in my room with the intent of decrapification.

Sans-wine, I started this process over the weekend – including today I’m up to three full green-garbage bags and a stack of rubbish that have gone out to the dumpster. I did find that sipping an adequate bottle of red wine this evening certainly helped with the dispassionate aspect required of getting rid of broken items that have waited for repair and/or use for years.

Some of this stuff I’ve packed, moved, unpacked, packed, moved (rinse, repeat, etc.) and never actually used. Why do I have it? Because I thought I might use it some day. Realistically, I haven’t used a large amount of it – so, if it’s worth saving it’s going to charity. However, most of this stuff has been rough treated and useless to anyone. That stuff is going in the green-bags.