I can’t quite place my finger on it – but I’ve been experiencing a rather long period of writers block. I’ve had no shortage of musical ideas but the lyrics just haven’t been there.
I dug up a collection of concept ideas I recorded in 2004 and the nagging feeling I’ve had about a few of the unfinished and neglected songs on that demo resurfaced.

It occurred to me that many times I have picked up my guitar, several things might be contributing to the block. I have a thought in the back of my head – I loved the chord progressions and vocal melodies on one particular track – but I never finished the lyrics and I’ve forgotten the guitar line. But I’ve procrastinated and time has past. I guess it just nags at me. After listening to the demo again two years later – I start to wonder if there is some baggage and guilt from leaving things untouched during a very busy writing period.

I relearned my own guitar work from one of the songs and will see if I can polish the lyrics some more. My site on My Space has the recording from the demo – It’s listed as “Tight (Salvation)” which is more of a working title than anything.