Anyone who’s heard anything about world events knows that Saddam Hussein has been on trial for crimes he committed as leader of Iraq. The crimes of humanity that it’s alluded that he committed where claimed by his government as the work of Iran. The US supported these claims and provided financial and military aid until 1990 (2 years after the end of the Iraq-Iran war), when George H. W. Bush (the current US President’s father) decided that was no longer the case. Is it any surprise that his son has now invaded Iraq, and put Saddam on a farce trial? I say farce because I don’t think was any doubt in anyone’s mind of the outcome, even before it started.

I don’t pretend to justify Saddam’s actions, however I do believe what the US has done to Iraq by far exceeds them in terms of bloodshed, disruption and inhumanity. It all leaves me with one question: When is Dubyah’s trial?

As a final note, Saddam wasn’t all the demon the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ would have you believe. During his tenure he introduced a Western-Style legal system instead of Islamic Law, increased Women’s freedoms as well as giving them high-level government and industry positions. These things are generally unheard of in Arabic nations.

I wasn’t there, and do not deign to know all the facts. I’m sure History will be the judge of it all, although it’s the victor who writes the books so we may never hear all sides.