I’ve been not blogging much as of late due to being sick, and dealing with a failing computer system. My old HP Vectra VLi8 was cooking hard-drives on a nearly daily basis due to an airflow flaw in the design. Try as I might (I ended up cutting holes in the side of the case and installing fans) the damage to the IDE bus was already done, and thus I’ve had to build a different PC into another case.

Somehow during this time I managed to catch a throat infection – got over that and ran smack into bronchitis. Who gets bronchitis in the Spring? Bah. Anyways – I’ve got my prescription, doing what I can to get healthy and I’m back online and blogging. Just in time for this lovely hot weather we’re having in Ottawa. (31+ degrees Celsius BEFORE the humidex)

Beats freezing, in my books.