Canada’s primary export is natural resources – water, lumber, petroleum, natural gas, and so forth. Obviously without a focus on renewability, this will eventually run out. Big industrial corporations like CN apparently are content to expedite this – unless some lake-front property owners can’t swim in the lake. Well, then they offer $7.5M to the property owners for being unable to use the lake.

Umm, guys, the lake is filled with toxic petroleum ooze. What about whatever might have been living in and around the lake, like between the tracks and the lake? What is it going to be doing to the water supply in that area? I think $7.5M being offered as a take-it-or-leave it deal before the Alberta Environment commission has finished it’s analysis of the spill is one of those classic corporate sleaze moves like you see in the movies.

I hope this is not the direction Canada is going – destroying and selling off everything simultaneously. I’d hate to think what this country will look like down the road if that’s the case.