Sometimes life is stressful, and a failing point for me in the past has always been taking a head-in-the-sand approach. I admit that, and I’m working it. I’ve gotten a lot of work done to fix things that where causing me stress, but wouldn’t you know it – some people are never satisfied and wish to make their problems yours when you’re least able to deal with it. Run-on-sentences aside, a pity-party is not the point of this post.

After doing all I could within my sphere of influence, I needed to burn off some steam at the aggravation heaped onto my own problems. Luck found me yesterday, as my friend Grimmlox and I decided to grab a case of Coca-Cola and take a walk.

Thankfully he’s about as crazy as I am, and taking a walk with us usually ends up downtown. Through no real planning we ended up walking from somewhere around Baseline and Woodroffe and took a wrong turn on the NCC trails… Ending us walking Eastward instead of Northward to the river.

After consulting a map, we decided the best way to get to the path along the Ottawa River (our original quasi-destination) would be to follow Maitland, Northward until we hit the Ottawa River Parkway. This worked, with a brief stint along Richmond Road until we found the Parkway. Oddly enough, as a side note, an elderly couple asked us for directions just as we where approaching Carling Avenue. They where looking for a restraunt somewhere down Carling which we both recalled being a left turn from where we where, and closer to Bayshore. They didn’t believe us, of course and made a right towards Parkdale. I’m still certain they went in the wrong direction.

Anyways, once we found the Parkway NCC trails we began making a few stops for a cigarette and a cola (and of course, a much needed break for our feet… We’d covered a lot of kilometer due to our mis-direction). The trails along the Ottawa River are diverse with wild-life and beautiful scenery. I was sorely upset with myself that I had forgotten to bring a camera.

We did eventually end up on Rideau Street, did some window shopping at places like Rock Junction and CD-Exchange. They have some great things there (at Rock Junction) but aside from band gear like t-shirts, posters and patches there’s a lot of things that are highly marked up. Of course if you’re on Rideau and a Harley Davidson or Doc Martin fan then Rock Junction is the place since they carry all of the wild boots, sandal’s and heels any guy or gal could want. Hardcore, all the way with those. They’re overpriced, but at least they have them in stock.

We did some more walking after that around town before caving and having his girlfriend pick us up and drive us back to the West-end.

Okay, so what’s the point? If two guys in their late twenties who aren’t particularity motivated individuals can survive an entire afternoon/evening walking from the edge of the city the scenic way to the core… Why the heck do I see so many cars on the road with one occupant?