This weekend I was examining the parts to a swing arm lamp that was broken1 during a past move. Somewhere a creative spark clicked and I figured I could re-assemble it and use it as a retractable microphone stand.

Occasionally I record musical ideas I’m working on, and it doesn’t happen as often as it should since I’m always looking for my gear that gets scattered quickly. Since I don’t have a microphone stand but do have the end-clamps for the microphone I usually end up sticking one of them on something with some tape and it works… Sort of. Eventually I’ll need to dismantle it, or it falls apart on it’s own. The whole setup is so… Wrong… That I loath to use it unless really feeling the urge.

So, I’ve attached the microphone holder to the end of the adjustable lamp arm and fashioned a sturdy cable guide/protector below it. I’ll need to tinker with adding weight or removing springs to get it to balance right.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet Sunday. I got some screws and other various parts organized (how exciting!) and managed to get a clogged print cartridge to limp through a 15 page print job. It may not have been a glorious and exciting day, but at least it was relaxing.

1: My old apartment claimed two swing arm lamps… One going in and one coming out. Odd.