I may not have very many regular readers, but to those who are: please accept my humble apologies for the downturn in writing.

Over the past few weeks I have been concentrating on job-hunting1 and a large amount of C++ programming. With the switch from Effexor to Prozac I’ve not had as much ability to focus, so the interviews I had last week took priority.

Beyond that, I did manage to snag a contract for a month-and-a-half. As usual, I can’t say much about it due to security reasons. The beauty of this contract is that if I can do a grade-A job, there’s a potential of two different full-time positions I may be kept on for. No idea on the exact start date at the moment. I’m looking at possibly two-to-three weeks from now.

So as happy as I am to have found a source of funds until the Summer at bare minimum, I have the next three-to-four weeks until they’ll likely be giving me a paycheck. Actually, I need to double check the documentation they provided, but I may actually be getting paid weekly for this contract. There is a good potential for overtime with this job, and I am never going to have to work on a Sunday2. The positives are generally outweighing the negatives right about now, and it’s validating to be able to get into the kinds of contracts I’ve been picking up lately.

For those who may have worried that my SSRI experiences may have fried me entirely, fear not: I’m still alive!

1: I was using terms like “support analyst” as bait.
2: I loath working on Sundays. Not for any religious context, nor because the bus service is horrid.