Motorola has announced that it will be including a Google icon and search ability on it’s internet optimized cell phones. Also planned is Yahoo search support geared towards mobile users.

I think this is a new feature for phones that is actually useful. It means that no matter where you are, if you’re stumped: “Google It!“. Anywhere. Anytime. Anything.
There’s no mention in the article whether it will be including the ability to use the Google/Yahoo maps applications with the GPS capability that most phones now include. Just think, enter an address and it tells you how to get there from where you are.

Of course, I do know that there already are devices that do this. I think the main advantage your phone would have over the dedicated devices is that this way the internet service does the major processing work and data storage chores. This relieves the manufacturer of needing to build a route finding program, map storage, updating of data, etc. Google’s already provided this infastructure.

I really do think that the IT future really is with wireless internet technology. There’s just so many things that can be done with an internet enabled wireless device, the possibilities are endless.