The primary reasons devices like Apple’s iPod have taken off (besides aesthetics) is their size and capacity.  Portable CD players are much bulkier, and in order to carry a large library of music you need to carry several discs.  You can condense your music onto MP3 discs which helps, but it comes at the cost of battery hours.

In an effort to travel light today, I left the player at home.  Being the social observer I am, I cannot help but over-hear the odd conversation on the bus, especially when it’s surrounding you by fairly loud speaking people.  Sometime the conversation is one you just don’t want to hear, for example the other night I over-heard two drug dealers discussion cocaine transactions.  Lovely.

Today I heard a nugget of wisdom from a high school student’s father, via the student himself of course: There are two jobs that anywhere you go in the world will always be needed – doctors and garbage-men.   Obvious?  Yes.  Profound?  Well, I think so.