It can really open your eyes in terms of perspective when you see a simple image on Television. Maybe it’s just me. I was never really captivated by what the schools had to offer when I was younger, so I didn’t always pay attention to what they had to give. I don’t wonder if perhaps I accidentally narrowed my field of interests and have had a skewed perspective.

Anyways, the image I saw was of men flying up into space and returning. Not as exciting as it used to be, mind you. The Americans and the Russians as well as us Canadians, the British and probably also the French and several other countries have been involved in it. We’re taught that we’ve been launching our fragile little selves off the planet and back again like cosmic yo-yos for decades. For a while the United States of America proudly proclaimed themselves the leader of the Star Wars, and to my knowledge still do.

Big brass and a star spangled banner, with of course a Canadian slant of our key involvements and the highly visible red-on-white maple leaf out there against the vast blackness. At least that’s how I saw it as a child, and attitudes do linger until challenged sometimes.

No, the eye opening image was that the space-men where in fact, Chinese. I have absolutely no problem with that, don’t get me wrong. It was just the instant shift of paradigm from the images broadcast to me on the same medium twenty-years ago to today that I’m waxing poetic about.

I remember hearing that half of the world’s total population currently is Chinese. The vast creative potential of that many people collected together, regardless of squalor or wealth (depending on how friendly the media is that news-week) is beyond my imagination. It comes to me no surprise that they’ve caught up with us “Westerners”, very quickly.
They will start to overtake us, and it’s already happening, I’m sure. It’s not a bad thing. Who am I to be so quick to judge and say that half of the people on this planet are wrong and that I am right? I guess, it’s all just perspective and social conditioning kicking in.

I see many changing things in the world around me and it all makes me feel so very tiny and insignificant. The U.S. is invading other countries while becoming apparently less separated between church and state. Is it mere coincidence that they seem to be forcibly-assisting other countries that also happen to be major oil producers? The Chinese population is expanding exponentially to the point where they are simply going to have to push their borders.

There’s a new race going on in the world. The US is following it’s set-in-stone cold-war formula with a Christian zeal. The Chinese can afford to take more risks and change the rules, life means something different when you have so much more of it.
Holy wars seem to be once again spreading across the world at a scale Humanity has never seen before. Although one could easily argue that they’ve never actually stopped since as far back as we can collectively recall as a species. I feel something BIG is brewing in the world, and it’s being seen by a species in a collective way that our hunting-and-gathering ancestors could never have dreamed of.

Call me crazy for having spawned all of this from the late-evening news. I just can’t help but gape in wonder sometimes, as images are being transmitted across the planet near-instantly. I mean, a civilization’s perspectives can be inadvertently shifted in a matter of decades or years now instead of centuries. Most people on this planet we all share are now aware of each other, if only in the vague, indirect and mostly commercial sense.

I wonder what the world will be like, twenty years from now. What will it look like to a young Chinese man who, as a boy of seven, stared at his people leaving the Earth’s womb much like I did? Broadcast, much like they where to me at that age, on the evening Television news program. Oh, how I would very much like to have a conversation with him.