On a sad personal note, I was recently out in the country and it seems that the property owner for the section of forest behind my parent’s home has taken upon himself to drive a very large machine through and mulch an angry looking swath through the trees. The reasons for this are unknown as of yet, but it is quite the eyesore.

Beyond what seems to be a senseless destruction of nature, much of the trees that are now just… missing… I spent my youth exploring and building forts in. In fact, the remnants of one of my old forts was just narrowly missed by this large machine. One of the forts built by our old neighbor was actually totally ground to bits by this machine.

The fort that was narrowly missed was actually built between three trees with a large post added in to make up a forth and make square the originally triangular structure. One of the trees that made this configuration up is now missing and a large portion of the of platform went with it.

I don’t expect to go through life without changes, I’m just saddened to see the forest of my childhood ripped apart and now changed forever.