Well, I’ve not been totally hit by the flu-bug floating around Ottawa right now, however a general malaise and fatigue has hit me over the past few days. I suspect it’s merely stress related, but you never know.

I’ve also been off-line for a few days while I was rebuilding my Linux system and it’s better than ever. I’ve gotten a start to re-designing my personal site and will provide a new link once it’s done and uploaded to whatever host I end up putting it on.

I’ve put some serious thought into the concept of solar powered electric vehicles and run some ideas past some friends and they aren’t treating me like I’m totally insane. I consider this a good thing. Once I have some solid designs down on paper and have my personal life in a little more of a stable situation I hope to start building a prototype vehicle, hopefully I’ll be rolling (pun intended) by the end of next year with a viable system.

Fate seems to have her way with me, since I’ve finally found an application for all the random fields of interest I’ve had over the years. Electronics, mechanics, engineering, marketing, design and a penchant for studying such bizarre success stories of folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are all going to be wrapped together in what I have in mind. It looks like 2006 will be a fun year at least, with the plans I’m cooking up. I’ll post some more specific updates when the concepts are solidified and not just percolating in my imagination.