As I mentioned in my previous post, there are people out there trying to make a difference in terms of energy use and personal transportation. They’ve rather captivated my imagination, but I found the documentation they have is relatively sparse and unspecific. I think the idea is that they’re giving you the rough idea, you have to take care of the procurement of parts and supplies. I’m all for the DIY approach, but I wish there was some more documentation provided.

For example, they give you the source of many of the parts you might need – a key element being the motorized wheel hub and speed controllers available from a Chinese manufacturer at They also provide links to an online surplus store where you would be able to find an abundance of lithium-ion batteries and your solar cells.

However, when visiting this site you are confronted by a very large selection in terms of batteries, for example, with little guidance at this point as to what you’re actually looking for other than “lithium-ion”. It seems to me that perhaps something more could be done to make this more practical for the end-user/tinkerer.

I am working on getting my personal site updated. One of the features of the new site will be alternate and green ways of doing things in Ottawa. Currently I am experiencing problems with getting into the FTP site, which is why the site is so shamefully unfinished and out of date. By the end of the week I will either get this resolved or find another source of free hosting.

I hope to do some research into this solar vehicle concept and perhaps write some FAQ’s and guides to help the less advanced tinkerer get the ball rolling on such a project. I’m starting with the documentation provided on on their products which might be useful for personal vehicles of this nature. Once I’ve absorbed more about their electronic requirements I can work out some schematics and part suggestions for the power sources. I think having some more concise documentation of these things would further the cause greatly.

Who knows? With some work and free time (what’s that?) I may be rolling on my own custom built wheels by this time next year. I already have a few concepts rolling around in my head.