Well, it may be just me because I’ve been looking out for it, but I do believe I’ve seen a distinct rise in bicycle traffic around town this week.  My theory was that once the gas prices hit their high over the last few weeks and didn’t show much signs of dropping, people would start finding ways to cut their costs such as using the bus or cycling.  Sure enough the buses are all packed like sardine cans and I’ve seen quite a few more cyclists at all times of day than I usually do.

Sure the gas prices suck but it’s having a very green-friendly side effect of finally getting people to look more seriously at alternative forms of transportation.  Every person who takes their car off the road because of the prices is helping in their own small part – even if it is inadvertantly.  I’m a cynic by nature and do not forsee human goodwill on it’s own getting us out of this current situation, what the media calls an energy crisis.  I am however a believer in the ability of mankind to dig itself out of a hole of it’s own making, and I believe these to be good signs.